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~*Amity Caught Stars in Her Arms*~ [userpic]

is there any honest song to sing besides these blues?

June 2nd, 2006 (01:51 pm)

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current song: The Blues--Switchfoot

Dear You With the Pretty Face,

I realize you’re going through a lot right now; I just wanted to know if it was me who did anything wrong or anything to hurt you. I know I haven’t known you for a long time, but you seem like a really cool person, and I feel like I’m being “evaded” if you know what I mean. If we don’t talk again, or if you don’t wish to talk to me anymore, that’s ok, I guess…just being the blunt, straightforward thinker that I am, I just want to know what I did so I don’t make that mistake again—with anyone—in the foreseeable future. It was nice knowing you for the time that I knew you, and this rejection sucks, but I will go on walking forward through life with a brave face, so you don’t have to worry about me. =) Dude, this is turning into a rant. Anyway, I hope things get better with your brother/family, I’m really sorry what happened.

Get better dammit,